How can we have a conversation?

When we’re not talking about the same things?

Look, those who clamor to ban magazine sizes, cosmetic features, even rate of fire are not concerned with crime, ‘the children’, safety, or rights. The very foundation of gun control is control. Those who support it do so either out of abject ignorance or a desire to see the individual subservient to the state.

Oh, there are a few people who deeply believe that if we just stopped selling 17 round magazines, Glocks, and AR’s that violence would disappear. They actually believe that, so I don’t know how you have a conversation about 2 + 2 when the other person swears it’s 15 on Wednesdays and 37 any other day.

But the others – they know what they’re doing. They’re using language to tell the ignorati they’re wanting safety while doing something completely different and thus it tends to put us on the defense. And it’s not just guns, it’s pretty much all politics.

The examples I use are I *do* care about the poor and think the best way to help them is to not give them free shit. But that’s turned around to “You don’t care about poor people”. Again, we’re talking, but not having the same conversation.

Add the distance of the Internet and the inability to add inflection into your comments and… well, we might as well grunt and wave our hands.

Just an irritating thing I wanted to bring up.

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