Unplugging for a bit

Folks, our political world right now is a giant, steaming, pile of shit. I’m doing what I can to stay afloat, but the constant reading of every little remark from our inglorious Ruler to the attacks at the state level have increased my stress level to a very unhealthy level.

As in, it’s ruining my life.

I need to step back for a while. My family is suffering, I am suffering severely with things I thought I had put to rest long ago, and I’m wearing out mentally.

I’ve got to stop reading the news for a few days. Take some time off from #Gunblogger_conspiracy and Twitter. I’ll continue to blog, but it might not be current. Heck, I might be talking about something that turns out to have been outlawed by Jugears, but don’t tell me.

I’m not going away, but I’m not going to be effective in the state I’m in now. I’m unfortunately looking at cutting out quite a bit of activities out of my life, things I used to enjoy but are putting too much pressure on me. My family needs to come first and my health ain’t doing so hot right now and if that goes, well the family will be in dire straights.

So, pardon me if I seem out of touch for a few days. I might not even read my comments for a while as well. I just gotta unplug before I become unable to continue the fight we so desperately need.

Thanks for understanding.


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