The response from Congressman Dennis Ross

I’ve written my congresscritters and misrepresentatives about the sudden push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting. I received my first response from Congressman Dennis Ross

Dear Mr. Allen:

Thank you for contacting my office.  I appreciate that you took the time to express your views on this important matter and am happy to respond.
The senseless violence which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School has no place in our society and certainly has no place in our classrooms.  As a Christian, and as a father, I joined Americans across the country as I followed the heartbreaking reports pouring out of Newtown, Connecticut. 

Unfortunately, it did not take long for gun control advocates to begin using this disaster as a means to push for more restrictive and anti-gun legislation.

As your elected representative in Congress, I took an oath to protect the Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment, which provides the right to keep and bear arms by all law-abiding citizens.  As we move forward through the 113th Congress, you can be sure that I will fight against legislation that infringes upon your Constitutional freedoms.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent constituents like you of the 15th District of Florida.  To learn more on how I may serve you, please visit  Please feel free to continue to contact me in the future. 

Sounds like Mr. Ross is on the right page. This doesn’t mean I stop writing / calling though, nor does it mean you should either. Those on our side need constant reminders that they have support behind them for their decisions. I don’t know Dennis Ross from Bob Ross (I don’t even know if Dennis has a fro or if he can paint happy trees) and while I appreciate his response, I still feel it’s important to continue the ‘conversation’ to reinforce how important this situation is.

So, thank you Mr. Ross and I look forward to having you stand up for our Second Amendment rights.

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