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PMC Bronze

A while back, Lucky Gunner asked if I’d review some PMC Bronze ammo. I often purchase PMC at the range since it is inexpensive and never seemed to have any problems with it, so I was more than happy to accept.

I had done plenty of reviews of ammo before, usually with a chronograph and some ‘rest’ shooting, but this time I decided to do a little different test and run them through a USPSA competition to see how they performed outside of a range.

First, good luck finding it. I’m sure when Lucky Gunner sent me the ammo, they weren’t expecting the panic buying that has ensued. Since Lucky Gunner’s site only shows ammo that is in stock, you won’t be able to pick up the PMC Bronze .40 S&W 165gr that I reviewed, but keep checking back. As soon as they get it in, it will show up. It’s not just Lucky Gunner either, every place seems to be sold out.

PMC (Precision Made Cartridge) is Korean ammunition with a plant I believe in Iowa as well. It is relatively inexpensive and as I said, I’ve used it quite a bit when plinking at the range. I have used it in .45 and .40 and didn’t recall ever having any failures to feed or stoppages so I thought it would be safe enough to use in competition, and I was right.

Average muzzle velocity (according to PMC) is 989fps making a power factor of 163.185, so technically this isn’t a major PF round so if you’re serious about USPSA it might not cut it for you. Since it was *so* close, and since I wasn’t really doing much more than getting back into the swing of competing at a regular, non major match, I.. uhh.. well, kind of just ignored the 2 point difference :}

The ammo is what you would expect from .40 caliber. Recoil is nominal, there were no problems with cycling the slide, no stove pipes, jams, misfeeds, or any other ammo related problems that stopped me during a string. I will admit I H&K’d myself, and when I was emptying my mags after the match, I had managed to jam a round in backwards. That’d have been an interesting stoppage!

Accuracy is “well within Robb’s capabilities” meaning it went where I put it without fail. Even if where I put it was in the No Shoot or clear over the top of the target. However, as you can see in this video, when I took my time and aimed properly, I managed to hit pretty darned good. So it’s not like the cheaper ammo was giving me C & D hits when I should have been getting A’s.

The ammo did leave my piece a bit dirtier than normal with muzzle dust being the most noticeable part. The barrel was no better or worse than any other several hundred round outing though and again, there were no issues minus the stage from hell where even magical ammo could not have helped my score.

In summary, I have had great luck with PMC throughout the years, and the ammo I was sent from Lucky Gunner was no exception. It makes fantastic practice and plinking ammo and, if you can find some, is worth having a few boxes in your safe.

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