Homebrew bloggers?

Saw a post on Ipse Dixit where Dodd said his blog box had gone down* which prompted me to ask a question. How many bloggers run their stuff out of their houses?

I'm one. I use .Text as the blogging software. My server, Ford,  is an old Quad Pentium Pro. I use my Road Runner connection and No-Ip for dynamic DNS so I don't have to worry about IP changes (which rarely happen anyway). And now, I am using BlogJet as a way to write and update my site (w.blogger was a little flaky with .Text)

All in all, it's a little more work, but I get a hell of a lot more flexibility in my blogging.

How many of my fellow bloggers out there do something similar?

*Dodd assures me he doesn't run his blog from home.

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