I’ve already written him

But Bill Nelson is going to look for any chance he can get to sign a gun ban bill. He’s asking for votes right now on his website. Please go vote NO.

Our voices must be heard.

Update -  The poll was down for a while because the numbers were wonky. Looks like it’s fixed and dammit, if this isn’t a a sharp reminder that there is NO support for an AWB, then I don’t know what is


I had to ‘vote’ again to see the response rates, and yes the day is early and yes the numbers are because people like me an Miguel are sending gunnies over there and I’m sure some people are going to try to vote Democratic style (i.e. as many times as possible) but still… 98%.

When you write to him again today (You are writing emails and calling, right?) bring up this fact as well. Keep an eye on it so your numbers are correct, you don’t want a sudden shift to, say 75% support of No while you’re saying 98%.

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