Since I don’t think Superman needs them any more

A reader came by with an idea of setting up a table at gun shows with a printer and some computers to allow people to write their representatives letters. I informed this person that my understanding is that due to the Anthrax scare, physical letters can take weeks to get to their destination.

Instead, I had an idea – what if you were to grab an old phone booth (mostly to keep the background noise down) and helped people find their representatives’ numbers so they could call? Right there, on the spot. Give them a few script-like paged, coach them a bit, and let them make a call. Sure, it’ll be the weekend and they’ll get voicemail more than likely, but in the end, it generally ends up being a tick in the “Does not support gun control” column.

I agree with Sebastian, a 9 to 1 pro gun to anti might sound good, but that should be 20 to 100 to 1 instead. Politicians are smart enough to know that sure, lots of people are buying guns, but if they can’t be bothered to make a simple phone call or show up, then they’re probably nothing to worry about in the voting booth.

Another thought, which is waaaaay too late in the game to make that big of a difference, would have been fliers to hand out at gun stores / shows to ask dealers to hand out with each purchase. Basically, something that says “Nice purchase, would you like to keep it? Then you better call!” and have a list of numbers for all state reps.

Might be worth thinking about. Black & white printing isn’t exactly bank breaking.


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