It’s not a gun free zone when the bad guy brings in a gun

But when a good guy has a gun and is where they need to be, don’t expect national coverage.

School resource office, beat cop, teacher, parent. I don’t care who has the tools, what those tools are, or where they carry them so long as they are willing to use them in defense of our children, even if it means putting their lives in danger.

Carolyn Gudger, the school resource officer, drew her gun, then shielded the principal’s body with her own.

God bless her. She chased the gunman in order to get him to a more secluded and isolated area, and did what she needed to do.

But it was all over in minutes, Anderson estimated. One hundred and twenty seconds after Cowan drew his gun, two deputies, Lt. Steve Williams and Sam Matney, arrived. They entered through separate doors and met Cowan and Gudger – still in a moving standoff – as they reached a science pod behind the cafeteria. Cowan wavered; he jerked his gun from Gudger to the other deputies then back again. The three officers told him, again, to drop his weapon. He wouldn’t.

So they opened fire. Some students counted five shots, others counted six. Anderson would not say how many rounds hit the gunman.

Cowan fell to the ground, his shoes just feet from door to the library full of teenagers. The pistol in his hand had seven bullets in the magazine and another in the chamber. He had a second handgun in his back pocket, loaded with five rounds.

I want to highlight that last sentence. It wasn’t high capacity magazines, he had multiple guns. No law being proposed right now would have stopped this event from happening. However, an armed person at the school stopped any innocent deaths.

Think this will be brought in front of the Gun Ban Committee? Not a chance. Kills the narrative which must be maintained at all costs, even if that means more deaths.

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