What they needed was a bigger “Contraband Free Zone” sign

Cat used to smuggle contraband into prison

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - A cat carrying a saw and a mobile phone was "detained" as it entered a prison gate in northeast Brazil, Brazilian media reported on Saturday.

Prison guards were surprised when they saw a white cat crossing the main gate of the prison, its body wrapped with tape. A closer look showed the feline also carried drills, an earphone, a memory card, batteries and a phone charger.

The cat, of course, stopped when it saw the signs informing it that those items were not allowed in the prison and none of the prisoners said they would have allowed the cat into their cells anyway since that would mean breaking the rules.

Well… that didn’t happen.

You see, when people are bent on breaking the rules, they don’t care about the rules. Adding more rules adds no deterrent effect to them, but it does to people who want to follow the law. Even in prison, people get contraband on a regular basis and this is a tightly controlled environment.

How can anyone think that in a free society that you can regulate *any* object and expect it to stay out of the hands of criminals boggles my mind. But then again, logic and reason is lost on so many.

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