I hear speed comes in time

Glenn Reynolds has the same problem I do

I’m a decent shot with a handgun, though — as I find out whenever I shoot in competitions — while my accuracy is good, I don’t have the speed that real pistol competitors have. They’ll get off five shots in the time it takes me to get two, and they’ll be at least as accurate as me.

I didn’t compete yesterday because it was one of those rare times when both girls were out of the house having sleepovers with friends (kind of a last hurrah before school started back up) so the Mrs. and I did what parents do when the kids are out – get stuff done around the house.

But even at my last competition, my speed was what killed my score, not my accuracy (well, minus one stage where I had 70 penalty points, but that was an outlier). I’m so focused on getting an accurate hit that I’m slowing down. I realize this comes with practice, and practice is going to be in short supply for a while until the ammo & gun buying frenzy subsides.

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