New comment filtering–Akismet

The interface to Akismet was relatively simple as someone else had already packaged up the API so I just grabbed it and put it into Ansible.  I woke up this morning with a few dozen spam comments which got through the generic “Are you a spammer” thing, so I’m going to give Akismet a try to see if that helps.

I’m more worried about false positives than anything, so if you see your comments slipping into a moderated state, let me know via the contact form. I can assist with the training by submitting your comment as legitimate to Akismet.

I signed up for the free version, but if it works well enough, I’ll be tossing them a few shekles because I believe in paying for good service - feel free to help me if you’d like ;)

Let me know if you’re able to comment or not though!


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