Slow posting

Built a new PC yesterday. i5 3750K CPU, Asus P8Z77-LX V mobo, 32G of RAM, 120g SSD drive. Windows rating of 7.6. You know how Windows 7 has the animated Windows logo while it boots? It doesn’t even finish the animation before it starts (and this is after all the service packs and whatnot too!).

Cheap, $50 case was nice. Innards are all rounded, everything slides out for quick access, thumb screws for the panels rather than Phillips head types. All the fans are silent and there aren’t neon lights and blue LEDs to light up the entire house.

It’s taking a while getting everything moved over. Surprisingly, in my old age, all my software is now legitimate and getting licenses to transfer can be tricky especially with software that doesn’t have any sort of ‘deactivation’ mechanisms.

Anyhoo, trying to get my work laptop up to speed, the new PC up to speed, and various other items that are distracting me from blogging, plus New Years stuffs. I’ve got ammo reviews coming up as well as some discussions on USPSA so hang tight for a bit.

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