It’s the culture, stupid

You don’t win elections or issues unless the populace agrees with your stance. You can’t change the way people think by changing their government, you change their government by changing the way they think.

I believe that unfortunately, our current government is no longer responsive to the people’s wishes. Obamacare was hugely unpopular, the phone lines were melted with angry constituents, and yet the weasels voted for it anyway. The problem though is that not enough people cared to fix it, and now we’re stuck with it until we can change the culture to the point where enough do care.

One of the places we’ve made amazing strides in the past few decades is gun ownership. What was originally a core part of being American started becoming demonized by those who wish to control us. They started making lots of headway, then blew their lead when they went for the AWB. Enough people eventually started becoming part of the gun culture, and because of that, it has become the third rail for most politicians.

If you want to see how the culture matters, go check out this PSH laden diatribe at The Stir regarding women posing with sport utility rifles. Now look at the comments. I’d say the comments are 97% pro-gun and giving the author a run for her money (why don’t any of these sites’ authors ever respond to their critics? Just a side thought).

Even at the Huffington Toast, any anti-gun article gets lambasted by pro-gun commenters. Only the most echoey of echo chamber sites are safe havens for those who wish to violate people’s rights. The Brady Campaign had to shut down their blog because they couldn’t even win on their own turf, even with Kelli, the world’s most ineffectual sock puppet.

The populace is on our side. They might not be politically active though. What are you doing to reach them and teach them?

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