Just got this email

It’s from one of my neighbors

Hello Everyone;

The item below came from one of our members in the community.  We thought it wise to pass it around to everyone:

I wanted to let you know that Friday night around 6:45pm my door bell rang and I did not look before opening the door because I was expecting a friend and it was three males with white skeleton masks on.  They were standing side by side shoulder to shoulder.  The Sheriff’s department had gotten other reports of 3 suspicious males walking around with masks.  These were white males about 16-18 years of age.  I am not sure if they live in our neighborhood, were casing the house, playing a prank, were planning a home invasion or a sick prank…however I was lucky.   I wanted to make the other neighbors aware for their safety and as the Sheriff department noted these males safety is in danger if they were playing a sick joke.  Going to the wrong door could get them shot etc. 


Be Safe

Now, I won’t actually answer the door should I see three young punks with masks, but I assure you the sound of a round chambering into a shotgun will be all the answer they need.

Although this brings up some interesting scenarios. Three men in masks are a threat. Anyone who shows up to your door with their face covered in an attempt to hide their identity is the bad guy (badge or not). You do not have the luxury of assuming they are there for a harmless prank.

Now, my front door is quite solid which is for naught because the frame has a window next to it. This means I can see the entire foyer area clearly, but it also means they can see me and, should they punch through the glass, could ostensibly get the door open.

  • Not answering at all (which is what I do when there are solicitors) is not a great option here since, if they are casing, it gives the impression of nobody being home.
  • If my kids or wife look out to see who it is, it tells the punks that there might be easy pickings inside.
  • If *I* answer, it will be at the window, clearly and visibly armed, but I won’t open. I run the risk of ‘advertising’ there are firearms inside, but I believe it would mark our residence as more difficult of a target than elsewhere.

Part of me would want to pin them down until the cops arrive, but alas wearing masks does not grant one the right to use deadly force (otherwise, Halloween at the Allen residence would be a 911 dispatcher’s worst nightmare) and pointing a gun at them is deadly force, whether you pull the trigger or not. It bugs the shit out of me that I’d have to let the cretins walk off, but I’m not the bloodthirsty cop-wannabe that the anti’s makes us out as. And then there are the court costs that would stack up from such actions, even if I was in the right.

What would you do?

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