So, there’s this video going around about an eagle trying to snatch a young child from the ground. When I first watched it, I didn’t really think much more than “Holy shit!” because, well humans are meat based products and although we’re at the top of the food chain, it’s not uncommon for other, lower-rung animals to attempt to make a snack of us. It’s pretty convincing if you don’t go frame by frame, but alas, it’s CGI and thus a hoax.

So, I got snookered by a well done video. And I admitted it because, once I had new information, even though it disagreed with what I thought I knew, it was clear that I was in error.

As gun owners, we do not generally have opponents who are capable of processing new, conflicting application (there are notable exceptions). I cannot find the video I was watching from the other day when some shmucks were protesting the NRA headquarters, but the reporter asked a guy (ironically decked out in camouflage) if an AWB would have stopped Sandy Hook and the man was emphatic that it would. The reporter then told him that Connecticut has an AWB in place the guy froze, unable to comprehend the data he was given, then continued to argue for an AWB.

We have facts, logic, statistics, and reason on our side. They have dick jokes and legions of stupid. Sadly, this gives them a slight advantage since stupidity is immune to our greatest weapon – reality.

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