You’re getting sunshine rammed down your throat whether you want it or not

I’m feeling feisty. Why? Because I’ve been thinking of our situation and came to some conclusions that other people have said so much more eloquently.

First, Sebastian’s point is dead-fucking-on

This isn’t our last stand, it’s theirs

(I think that was Sebastian, I recall reading it on his blog, but I can’t find it at the minute. Corrections will be made if I’m misattributing it).

Second, Oleg

The real reason for the gun control talk — in my opinion — is to take the pressure off the administration on the economic front. Everyone has been very concerned about the depression, the coming higher taxes, the massive budget deficits and the attendant defaults on government obligations that they just had to counter-strike somewhere. Just like the Brusilov offensive designed to relieve the French at Verdun, this strategic foray into gun control might accomplish the short-term goal at the cost of squandering much political capital the Democrats have.

There are other issues going on now that most politicians would LOVE to have the spotlight taken off them for. This is a great distraction for them, so they can make mealy mouthed promises of ‘doing something’ while letting the real emergencies go unchecked, and when time comes they can say “Well, we were focusing so much on gun control that the fiscal cliff happened, now we need to work on fixing the economy so we’ll get to the gun control later.” They’ll done nothing, but look like they were focusing on the problems the whole time. Then they’ll move the cup and the ball will disappear once again.

Finally, AnarchAngel

The world is not ending.
The sky is not falling.
This is not the "American Dunblane".
No-one is coming to take our evil black rifles.

And he has a laundry list of facts and reasons why.

Back to the very first point, this is THEIR final stand. Even is something comes of this, it will be either so watered down as to be nothing more than an annoyance or it will be so over the top that it will not survive in even lower courts. They have really only two options here, violate the 2A in spirit and letter, or just piss us off. Both will NOT be conducive to the reelection prospects of many congressweasels and misrepresentatives.

However, if they can’t mount an effective ban this time, even after such an awful event (that wouldn’t have been stopped to begin with by any of the proposals), they’re done. Gone. No more gun control probably for decades to come.

Another thing to remember is that at best, it will take months for any bill worth a shit to get finalized (anything written in haste will be so full of holes it’d make a block of Swiss cheese feel inadequate). By then, America’s Got Distractions will have kicked in and many, many, many other events will sit in the minds of the easily distracted populace.

I’m not saying we’re in the clear. In fact, we’re in a shitload of danger. But we’re in a better position now than we were in the 90’s. Go buy an AR patterned rifle. You *can’t* because people are arming up. No way they’re going to be able to ignore millions of the things sold in the next few months.

So, take a quick, deep breath. Write, call, show up. But for Browning’s sake, clear  your head, focus your mind, and do not give an inch. We’re in the right, we are the good guys here, and there’s no room to compromise. Let them break against our wall, don’t preemptively open a door or two for them.

Molon Labe.

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