CBS to remove firearms from all prime time shows

12/18/2012 – Citing concerns from viewers over the recent shooting tragedy, CBS has stated that it will remove all guns and references to guns from its prime-time line up, most notably its popular CSI franchise.

A spokesperson for CBS said “We feel that in light of the recent elementary school shooting that it would be irresponsible for the station to continue to make money off of shows that revolve around firearms. It would be the height of hypocrisy for networks to cancel shows like American Guns and 3Gun Nation that show responsible gun ownership and yet allow such fare as Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Hawaii Five-O to continue to glorify improper gun handling skills and violence.”

Several prominent Hollywood studios have also come forward to state that they were shelving several movies planned for Summer release. “What good does it do for us to use our voice to demand that the government restrict the rights of Americans to own guns when our very product glorifies the violence we seek to end?” said one producer who wished to remain anonymous.

Said no press release… ever.

Let me know when these networks, movie studios, and game producers pull the plug on all guns and I’ll start believing they give a shit.

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