Vector Tactical is back in business

I received this email recently from Vector Tactical

Hello Mr. Allen, I enjoyed reading your review of our fine brass catchers. I am happy you are satisfied with them! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for buying one, albeit a few years ago, and to inform you and hopefully any of your subscribers that Vector Tactical is fully operational! Once again we are offering our brass catchers to the public. Since I completely understand the effects of our current economy on everybody's pocketbook, we are offering our brass catchers (for the next 100 units) for the same price as we did 3 years ago. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I love the brass catcher I have. It fits snug and saves those expensive 6.8SPC cases from being flung into other dimensions. The bag doesn’t interfere with the operation of the rifle in the slightest and I’ve yet to notice any wear from it.

When I first blogged about it, several people said they tried to get one but couldn’t get through (I joked that my support caused them to back order for years). Well, hopefully they’re back to making these for everyone because the one I have makes life easy and I am impressed with its construction and would assume that they would work as well for others who are interested in keeping their brass.

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