Glad to know rights are subject to support only when you feel like it

On a Facebook conversation, had a lady in an argument regarding guns say “I just don’t feel like supporting the 2nd Amendment today” based on the recent shooting. I asked her if she dumped the 1st Amendment as soon as someone got on TV and said something she didn’t agree with, but I got no response.

Tragedies do not change the reasons we have rights. Our opponents revel in these tragedies. I’m not saying they’re actually gleeful that children were murdered or that they’re high fiving each other in the break room over it, but these tragedies are their bread and butter. Without them, these organizations wouldn’t even exist (and they’re barely doing that now). These horrific people actually use our solemnity against us.

So, while being respectful is a good thing, and not lowering ourselves to their levels is what makes us a better group of people, we have to remember they will not take a break and every day is a day for supporting rights. The 2nd Amendment did not kill those children, an insane man did. Mass murders have occurred and will continue to occur all over the globe, and no amount of demonizing rights will change that.

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