So, the siren’s call to get those hogs that have been waltzing behind my house keeps getting louder and louder. For one, Florida is being overrun with the damned things and even the lack of limits on hunting hasn’t done a thing. From everything I’ve read, there are no bag limits, no size limits, no date limits, etc. You can hunt with rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows, sharpened sticks, bats, traps, explosives, nerve gas, and low yield nuclear weapons. Well, maybe not the last three, but you get the point.

These things are such a nuisance  that you don’t even require a hunting license if it’s on private property.

Which brings me to my biggest sticking point. The land they roam around in belongs to some unsavory people who I have no desire to ever interact with. My back yard is separated from the road by a big, brick fence (as can be seen here), so it’s not like I could get the hogs to roam into my yard. I could put bait on the outside of my fence and then pop them as they come over, but that brings up legal issues since I’d technically be shooting them on public property plus I would ostensibly be getting the hogs out where people walk their dogs / kids / go jogging etc. At this point, nobody has complained about them being out during the day, but it scares me that one of those things could possibly charge any of the kids who walk to school every day.

I don’t need a hunting license if I’m on private property with permission. I can’t (won’t) get permission from the land owners and I don’t think shooting them while they’re sitting on a sidewalk is the brightest of ideas. But dammit… they’re mocking me and even my neighbors have all asked me why I haven’t taken them out yet.

On another note, even if I could shoot them outside of my fence there would also be the problem of getting the carcasses somewhere to be butchered properly, another skill I do not possess.

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