They’re not all against us

Got this story from the Florida Carry group on Facebook

So I was on my motorcycles on my way home from seeing a friend in Largo when I was pulled over by a Largo Police Officer. He came up to me and grabbed my shirt where my gun was and put a heavy duty paper clip to hold my shirt down and he said, now the cops won't have a reason to pull you over for accidentally open carrying, have a good night, oh and by the way, you owe me a paper clip and then he smiled got in his car and left.

Many cops understand. Most in my area agree with OC (the news report I was in couldn’t find a cop to argue against it so they had to get some Brady Campaign volunteer to Skype in her PSH). So there is good news that plenty of police officers support what we do. This is why you gotta be careful with the next part of the story

Apart from all that, what surprised me was that it was a Largo Police Officer. They are usually assholes about everything. I can say that it could have been an asshole and ended real bad for me. I didn't even realize that the wind was picking up my shirt and showing my gun.

I realize there are a lot of bad cops out there. There’s a bunch of bad gun owners too. Hell, there’s bad priests, bad kindergarten teachers, bad Salvation Army bell ringers, etc. Let’s be careful not to automatically toss someone in the ‘enemy’ camp though. You never know when they pull you over to clip down your shirt with a paper binder so nobody bothers you!

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