Inchoate Thursday

• Both daughters had a chorus event today. Georgia was *in* chorus, so she was in both performances while iMac was in her class performance. At one point, there was a skit where they turn off the lights and, as the chorus sings “December Lights” they all wave around small flashlights. We bought George a $4 one that didn’t work worth a crap. It wasn’t until I saw them do that that I thought “Dammit. I should have bought some 20,000 lumens tactical light and let her use that.” I gave myself the giggles thinking about someone having a flashlight that lit up the entire cafeteria and gave the kids in the front row 3rd degree burns.

• I have one of those headaches that make skydiving sans a parachute sound like a wonderful idea. Hence why this is my post for the day

• Quick, off the top of my head. When firearms first came out, they weren’t as effective as weaponry as a bow and arrow. Less accurate, slower, yadda yadda yadda. What advantage they did have was a loud boom, which is a natural thing for humans to fear – loud sounds tickle our hind brain and scream “DANGER!!!”. Maybe this explains why some anti’s suffer from PSH, maybe there’s a natural instinct to fear guns and they are incapable of using logic to overcome a base impulse. Thus, since they cannot comprehend a life free of fear from an inanimate object, they assume everyone else soils their unmentionables over the things.

• Atlanta Rhythm Section “So Into You”. Fine song. Fine song indeed. Although the solo sounds pretty much like a pentatonic scale writ large

• Gotta call the cops tomorrow. We’re having our OC Fishing Event again on Saturday, and the last two times we’ve had them at this location, we’ve had MWAG calls. First time in years. So, time to call the popo again and let them know ahead of time. Sucks, but better than having cops show up even if it goes well. Won’t take but one bad incident to give me heartburn.

• Speaking of public schools and ‘holiday items’, it’s amazing how sterile they can make anything. From Hanukkah to Kwanzaa to Christmas, everything is boiled down and distilled into such bland, ‘non-offensive’ pabulum that it amazes me they even bother doing anything besides agreeing that yes, it is December.

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