Gentlemen, there’s no fighting in the war room

On a Facebook thread, there’s a discussion regarding “No Loaded Weapons” signs on the doors of one of the largest gun shops here in Florida. Underneath is fine print that says “We respect the rights of CCW holders. Please keep it concealed” which covers all their bases. Granted, that fine print didn’t always used to be there and I think that’s where the griping comes in.

I understand that there is a big concern in a gun store with people continually handling guns and that the goal is to do the best to prevent people from handling live firearms while in the showroom. Not everyone shares the same passion for following the four rules as we do. A gun store is much different than most other places in that people are actively handling their heaters – anyplace else and the gat stays in its holster so the risk of an ND is so slights as to be statistical noise not worth worrying over. So the concept of asking people to ensure their firearms are unloaded doesn’t bother me in the slightest, especially when it’s made clear that guns that stay in their holsters and out of site are perfectly ok.

I don’t know if it was corporate policy or just uneducated employees (I’ve found that larger gun store employees rank right up in knowledge about firearms as Best Buy employees do on computers) but this particular chain had told many a customer that they weren’t trusted to be in the store with a loaded gun. I’ve seen it before as well, where store employees get an ‘only ones’ attitude that they feel the fact that they get a paycheck from a place that sells boomsticks somehow qualifies them to carry a gun more than the people who are their to shop.

Anyway, people got the impression that this store chain was pretty rude to gun owners and it got around so much that many of the stores (including the one in Tampa that I used to visit) changed their signs to indicate that CCW was perfectly fine as it should be. However, it’s difficult to know if these people mean it or are just wanting your money.

For now, I have many other options for gun ranges and stores that don’t have a record of insulting their clientele, not to mention that this place’s prices are way above any other store in the area (overhead, baby… overhead). Regardless, I don’t patronize establishments that demand I disarm before entering, even if it’s a place that wants to sell me arms. It’ll be a while before I head back there if at all.


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