Howdy neighbor

I was taking the pooch out for her nightly outing when there arose such a clatter from the trees behind my house. Lo an behold, look who was snuffling for dinner


I’d say it was 3’ high at the back. Quite large and not afraid of the cars passing by nor afraid of my flash going off while trying to capture a good shot of it and its mate (which was gray and black spotted). Being that the only thing twixt me and it would have been that one row of barbed wire, I stayed safely across the street behind my big, brick fence.

No, I don’t have permission to hunt on that piece of land, otherwise I think I could take it (although living in a residential area makes that kind of iffy safety wise). The guys who own the land, however, are the kinds of people I’d just as soon not associate with so unless they waltzed out into the road, they were ‘out of bounds’.


They live in that small patch of woods right there for the most part. The tree line on the bottom (next to the fancy house) is 500’ so it’s not a lot of space overall. Both pigs were pretty large, however not quite as big as the beast I saw the first time.

I’ll have to pay close attention at night and see if I can hear them again.

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