What better way to finish up Thanksgiving vacation

Than to go do a round of sporting clays? A buddy of mine and I area heading down to the local range to help rid the world of the nuisance known as ‘clay pigeon’.

We’ll be running the front 18 spots which are marked as “Introduction to Preschoolers” level. It’s funny because the last time I went there, I was getting a bit cocky as I was just nailing everything. Then we switched to the back 18 which were considered ‘moderate to difficult’ and… well I think two of the damned things managed to fly into where I was shooting.

I rarely shoot shotgun. I’ll take it to the range every here and there, and I can hit the same hole over and over with slugs at 15 yards or so and with shot, it’s pretty obvious whatever I was aiming at would have been severely mangled… so long as it stood perfectly still and gave me a few moments to zero in on it. Moving targets? That’s a different story.

I’d almost like to take a shotgun class even as little as I shoot. I bet there’s something I do that can easily be corrected to get me onto those clays quicker and more accurately. I hover around the 20’s when I shoot trap, but I tend to wait a long time before taking my shot. I’d like to learn how to snap and shoot a bit better.

Time to grab the rust-speckled Mossberg and head out. Better than waiting in line for $10 off a TV at Best Buy (that you’ll be able to get for $20 less and free shipping on Monday from Amazon). Wish me and my shoulder luck.

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