Remember what I said about the Margin of Cheat?

I gave it 5%.

I was only off by 1281.6%

I have no faith that the people ‘in charge’ were elected. I’m not even sure Obama is legitimately our President. We’re done as a country when the electoral system is this broke. We laugh at the sham elections in foreign countries when the Dictator gets 99% of the vote, but when in Philly, Obama gets 100% of the votes with nary a single vote cast for Romney, we accept that as reality. When a politician loses an election and magically a box of ballots was ‘forgotten’ in a trunk somewhere that just happens to have thousands of votes for that politician and we just accept it and consider him the winner, that’s normal.

These people don’t care about your vote. They do not believe in democracy any more than they believe in a constitutionally limited republic. They want to be your master, you are theirs to command and control. They’ll let you go through the motions to assuage your fears of a tyranny but it’s a tyranny nonetheless – we just get a new set of tyrants every few years to continue the charade of a Republic.

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