Beyond reprehensible

Yesterday, my nephew got married. His grandmother lives in a retirement community and they have a nice little community center where you can reserve for events and whatnot. His older brother got married there a few years ago, and it was an inexpensive and nice place to have the ceremony.

Nice, until you consider the complete assholes who live there.

The community center has a workout room, a multi-use room with a kitchen area, a back office like room, and the swimming pool area that faces the lake. The bride had taken up the workout center to get ready (covering up the glass doors) and everything had been set up near the pool for the actual wedding. Since my nephew’s grandmother was across the street, the boys got ready over there.

I’m in the workout center taking pictures of the bride getting her hair done when someone started pounding on the doors like Armageddon had arrived and we needed to get out of there toute suite. Turns out, it was some old-fuck who was absolutely livid that the room was being used since, according to him, only the common area had been reserved and we were not to be in that room.

He wasn’t there to exercise. He didn’t want the room. He wasn’t even planning on being there. He simply was vein-popping mad that someone would dare use a room that had not been reserved. Generally, when you reserve the community center, you assume you’re renting the whole thing. It’s not like you could use any of the facilities while there was a wedding going on since they’re all attached, but this guy was incoherently mad and kicked out the bride and her group, only to walk away and not use the room (the management agreed with him. Go figure).

The families simply wanted to get on with the wedding and moved the bride to the small office in the back (since that was reserved) and while it was cramped, they were able to get everything done.

Then it went from bad to worse.

You see, the wedding was to start at 1:00, meaning to the next old-fuck who showed up at 12:40, he had at least 20 minutes to… go swimming.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, in the midst of guests arriving, a bride walking around, and the general wedding atmosphere, this other ass clown hops in the pool to do laps since the wedding wasn’t until 1:00 dammit and he needed to get his routine exercise before his Metamucil kicked in or something. No matter what anyone said, he was swimming until he was damned well ready to leave.

I stayed out of it because I wasn’t going to cause more of a scene than it was already and I wasn’t exactly planning on being nice. I’ve always thought rudeness and self-centeredness was a trait you found in younger generations, but these septuagenarians put anything I’ve seen from the younger crowd to shame. I still cannot wrap my head around how someone could honestly think “Well, I don’t care if there’s a wedding going on or that it’s a special day for someone, I’m not simply going to skip my daily swim”.

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