Like pouring molasses in Alaska in December

Posting is slow. Sorry about it. I’m nearing the end of my current contract and I’m trying to ensure that my code is ready to be handed off to the next poor soul who gets to warm my seat.

That, and I’m a little burnt out. But that happens all the time. So, here’s a news dump instead.

So, it’s bed time for Twinkies. Stupid Union members felt a 100% reduction of pay was a MUCH better deal than an 8% reduction in pay and are now getting their comeuppance. I feel bad for the non union members who lost their jobs and you’re going to soon find out there’s no place for them to go any more. This is classic Cloward-Piven, so the endgame is to crash the system and then have that very same system be the only hope for survival. The saddest part is that it will work as designed.

Someone is going to buy the Twinkies. Someone enterprising company will run with it, make a fortune, and I bet that company will tell the unions to go fuck themselves with a stale, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie.

• If you were to create a soap opera based on the entire Petraeus affair, nobody would watch it because it’s too unbelievable.

The Wounded Warrior Project has generated nearly 1.1 gigawatts of electricity by backpeddling. Caleb has a good point – they can make much more money jumping in bed with the NFL and larger, money –flush organizations that would probably be happier to not be near icky guns. The problem was that WWP could easily have their cake and eat it too, but they have stupid PR.


• Ordered a Microsoft Surface. Should be here today. Installed Windows 8 to be able to develop for it. I like it. It’s 100% different than what most people are used to, so there will be the prerequisite ‘M$ H8rs’ going on and on about how they’re finally finished, just like how ‘98, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 was the final straw.

• On a Windows machine, to get • <—press Alt+0149 on the keypad.

• Growing a mustache sucks. Itchy at first, then you have this feeling that there’s something hanging out on your lip that’s not supposed to be there. I’m not even sure why I’m doing it. It’s Movember, but I didn’t sign up nor am I accepting donations. I will, however, have fun when it’s time to shave it off. I’ll either go “pencil thin mustache” (the Boston Blackie, kind) or go for the Full Hitler.

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