The sun rose in the east yet again

Meaning, the world is still turning. If you’re reading this, then it means you’re not on the wrong side of the dirt (unless of course, this is being read to you via a Ouija board, in which case, disregard the rest of the post).

Guess what? Life just got worse for those who value freedom and liberty. We are going to now see an administration unchained from any sort of restraint in their desire to reshape American into a 2nd World Socialist Country. There will be a new AWB planned, and it will make the previous one look like a simple inconvenience. I predict the initial draft will be draconian, along the lines of “No assault weapons, no grandfathering, no magazines above 5 rounds, 1 per month nationally, full registration, no caliber above .22” and then ‘compromised’ down to something just as bad but hey, your misrepresentative had to vote for it or it would have been much worse.

Here in Florida, we’ve lost some of the pro-gun legislators we’ve relied on and thus our battle in now uphill a bit more than it was.

Oh well. Nobody ever gained glory through winning easy battles*.

It’s not time to give up. Sadly, those who prefer the chains of slavery (padded, comfortable chains with unlimited talk-time minutes and in Hi-Def) are half the population now. Converting those may not be feasible. We need to simply work small, getting 51% to prefer freedom over slavery and do so at the local level. Top down control doesn’t work, even if you’re trying to get YOUR guy in at the top.

So, cheer up, assholes. Nobody said this shit was going to be easy. You’re about to have a world of hurt thrown at you and we all know that the car is now heading toward the fiscal cliff at an accelerated rate. We’re going over, so buckle the fuck up. Let those who ignore the warning be the ones who are thrown from the car. When we hit, it’s going to hurt. We’ll break some bones, suffer some bad lacerations, etc, but we’ll survive. We may be even in numbers when it comes to those who don’t value liberty or self-dependence, but we sure as hell can outlast them.

Remember, even had Romney won, the fiscal cliff was going to be crossed anyway. We may have driven over it slower, and we may have not had to worry about the rear tires flying off and killing us on the ground, but it was inevitable and Romney was not going to be a stalwart friend to freedom (remember, Command Control never works).

So, let’s take a deep breath, understand the battles that lie ahead, and get off our asses and get those grass roots going. If you don’t, don’t be surprised when your Ruger Mark III 22/45 is on the chopping block because you couldn’t be bothered to do the work to get the right people in charge.

*As a note, I’m not in this for glory. If I could secure rights by buying a senator a nice steak dinner, I’d go that route in a heartbeat.

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