I hate being right sometimes

But I told you so.

Not sure where to go from here. I remember 2008 and thinking how we had to strengthen things from the ground up and 2010 indicated we were moving in that direction, but it looks like with no gain in the Senate and another 4 years of this guy in office, we’re going to have a King more than anything resembling a democracy or a republic.

The GOP will not learn. They didn’t learn with McCain, they went with Romney. They will simply move further left because they’ll claim that’s what the people want. And who knows, they’re probably right. Who can tell their fellow man they want women to die in the streets from lack of OBGYN care, or the economy to falter, or terrorists to attack our roadways (hence why the TSA will be moving to a toll both near you)? Because that’s what was sold, and that’s what the people bought and we all know how emotionally attached people get to their purchases.

The bright side is had Romney won, Romney would have been doing the same things, only slower. I at least hoped for a little breathing room but I don’t have that any more. Nothing Obama did in his first 4 years surprised me, it was the sheer volume and speed that caught me off guard, and to know he has no restraints now, no congress to stall him, no media to highlight his misdeeds, and no justice department to hold him accountable, well let’s just say I have such little hope that the America I grew up in will be anything near what my daughters inherit.

I hate knowing. I hate seeing the collapse coming and then watch people rush toward it. When we collapse,it will not usher in a new era of freedom. The people in New York who are starving in the cold will elect MORE government since what they had didn’t help them, therefore relying on government isn’t the problem, there just wasn’t enough government. When people cry out to the government while they freeze in the dark, the one who says “I will not give you anything but opportunity” will not win. That system, while it would pull those people out of the dark and give them warmth, would do so slowly and with hard work. It’s easier to just demand someone take care of you.

We’ll see what the next few years brings. I have no hope at all that it will be a world I wanted my girls to grow up in, but that doesn’t mean I give up. I’ll have to adjust and still try to get my core values (self-reliance, voluntary compassion for others, and an unyielding belief that one is responsible for one’s own actions) into their heads without painting a huge target on their back. They’re going to be my focus from now on.

It’s not the dawn of the new era, it’s the sunset we’ve all been watching for decades.

God help us all.

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