It wasn’t broken glass

But I did stand in line in the pouring rain, sans umbrella to vote.

The only excuse you possibly can have for not voting is that you are ignorant of the issues or the politician’s views. If that is the case, feel free to let others carry your burden. Otherwise, get out there. Now.

Update As per Say Uncle’s comment, I have to walk back my statement a bit. There are reasons not to vote. I can’t imagine 100% since the local elections truly affect you more than the national ones do but I can’t say the choices given lead to to enthusiasm.

Not voting for a particular race *is* a vote of no confidence. The only problem is it is a wasted, invisible vote. Nobody will ever know that’s what you did. The losing candidate(s) will take it as they weren’t enough like their opponent and next time will shift more in their direction, which is usually not the intended result.

But honestly, I can’t fault someone for refusing to pull the lever for anyone that they simply are opposed to. I want, more than anything, Obama out of office (still don’t think it will happen) more than I want a rock-ribbed, liberty loving politician that doesn’t stand a french-fry’s chance at a Jenny Craig meeting to get .3% of the vote. I prefer the POTUS to have less power so that it doesn’t matter who takes the office, but I do not see that ever happening in my life, the lives of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on and so on until everyone is nothing more than software in a machine. Even there, someone will buy votes with promises of extra CPU cycles.

So, do what you can, stick to the principles that matter to you, and understand everyone doesn’t share your views. Sage advice I need to follow as well.

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