Margin of cheat

Because there is no other way they can win.

You know, for people who claim to ‘care about people’, they sure as hell don’t want your voice heard. They see nothing wrong with breaking the law, drowning out your legitimate voice, because they think so little of you.

They will rig the polls. They will vote as many times as they can. They know most people do not want what they are selling and they will lie, steal, and cheat to ensure nobody else’s votes matter.

I still have no faith that our electoral system can withstand this amount of fraud. When ballot boxes stuffed to the gills with 100% votes for Candidate A are found days after the polls close, you know it’s cheating. But it happens (see MN, Franken), happens a lot, and we now have people in offices they clearly were not elected to. The Republic cannot withstand such fraud, and there are those right now more willing to watch it burn than to see the will of the people attended to.

They do not care about the poor, the sick, the elderly, the needy. They care about power and will continue to do whatever it takes to keep people down as second class citizens, telling them that the other side is at fault and promising them the sky. And when those very people realize the con game that has been played on them, their vote won’t matter, their voice will be silenced.

What I believe in can withstand the scrutiny of a million eyes. The truths I adhere to fear no sunshine. I need not lie about my beliefs, I need not massage the numbers, I do not have to cheat to continue to believe. If I felt the need to do any of that, I would know I was in the wrong. I’m not sure these people have the capacity to comprehend right or wrong though.

And they’re out there, trying to silence your vote.

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