My depressing prediction for next week

Four more years. Easily.

The more I read about Mitt Romney, the more I don’t hate him with burning passion. In fact, the man seems genuine as indicated from the myriad of stories you can read about how he, with no concept of reward or coverage, would consistently go out of his way to help others. The problem I have is that his belief that we should help the less fortunate (something I agree with) scares me into thinking now that he’ll have his grubby little paws on the lever of power, he’ll do what’s “right” and force everyone to do it. His understanding of economics means he won’t do it in the same, backbreaking way Obama is, but it will still be done.

This is why I say I’m not voting for Romney. I’m voting against Obama, and right now the only vehicle that can realize that is Mr. Romney.

Now, I know Gary Johnson has said I should waste my vote on him, and he’s pretty much right – my vote is a waste right now. Because even if Romney takes Florida (not a given), I believe he will lose the election handily.

Several reasons why. Reason #1 ties into my blurb above – Romney wasn’t my last choice. I didn’t want him at all. There’s plenty of us Independents out there that simply have no enthusiasm for him and that translates into less GOTV effort, less talking to your coworkers and friends, etc. There appears to be a lot of that same thought from many people I’ve talked to.

Now, Obama has this problem is spades. Of course, the run down communities I drive through daily are 100% Obama, and these people are even standing on the sides of the road with signs. Of course they are, since Romney promises to make them work for their shit and they’d much prefer to just get it handed to them. Romney was 100% correct that 47% of the voters simply would not pull the lever for him regardless. And that number is part of problem #2

#2 – Right now there are people bitching that the Federal Gov’t is too slow handing out free food and water from disaster areas hit by Sandy. Those people, the ones who rely on the gov’t to pull their bacon out of the oven, will never vote to have less of those services no matter how bad it gets. They are mentally incapable of handling their own life and will never vote for anything but Democrats because they’ve been brainwashed into believing the D’s actually care.

You know, if 1% of the population of the United States were on welfare, I’d tell Libertarians to stuff it, that the safety net provides more opportunities since people would know they could risk ventures and realize that a complete failure will not see them and their family living on the streets. It wouldn’t even violate my beliefs about private property since I believe we need to pay for a judiciary and police force that can, you know, go after the guys who steal my shit and punish them for it thus protecting the whole concept of private property.

But it isn’t 1%. It’s getting very close to 50%. And those aren’t people ‘down on their luck’, they’re people who have, generation after generation, been handed everything in trade for keeping the right people in power. These people are not going to vote for any candidate that they perceive to be a threat to their funding. Even if Mitt Romney’s plan was to double the amount of welfare checks across the board, the Democrats would only need to make these people believe that it actually would be a cut in benefits and they’d vote for Obama in droves.

There are still millions of people who will vote for Obama come hell or high water, which leads me to my final point.

There has been a considerable amount of cascade preference since the first debate to Romney’s favor. There’s a lot of momentum on his side, and that’s good news for my #1 goal of unseating Obama (not so hot on my #2 goal – Keeping Mitt Romney away from the levers of power). But it won’t be enough. Again, 47% are going to pull the lever for Obama even after watching a YouTube video of Obama dismembering an orphan with his teeth in front of a crowd of KKK members, telling them he loves their organization and what it stands for.

That’s too close to the margin of cheat. Romney may actually win (I’m sure he’ll at least win the popular vote), but if it’s not a 10 point blow out, it’ll be contested. The Left has proven time and time again that there is no level too low that they would not sink to to win. So if Romney wins the EC, there will be lawsuits that will make the 2000 contest between Bush and Gore look like a training exercise. If Romney wins Ohio by <50,000 votes, expect recounts and missing ballot boxes with 100% Obama ballots to show up.

I don’t think Romney has the support of enough people to make it clear who the winner is. And thus, with the media refusing to report news and instead provide cover for the Democrats and their savior, I believe that come Nov 7, Obama will not be looking at summer homes in the Hamptons.

I pray I’m wrong, but I don’t feel I am.

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