Some good news and some bad news

A while back I mentioned I had a rather nasty clicking sound coming out of my server. I picked up another Tb hard drive to replace the dying one. I paused the Server (VM) then shut down the physical box. The plan was to plug in the new SATA drive, reboot, copy the contents of the dying drive over, shut down, restart, then point the VM to the new drive and whistle like nothing happened.

The clicking drive did not survive the first reboot.

I lost everything. Every last bit of data on that drive is gone for good. The resulting clicking and scraping informed me that the only way to get that data back would be to hire an expensive recovery shop. I’ve heard dead drives before, I know that sound.

The good news? No friggin’ clue what that drive was in the first place! It wasn’t the Tb drive, nor was it the main C:\ drive where the OS was stored. Must have been an old drive from another computer that I kept plugged in “in case I needed to get to the data on there” which I’ve not looked at in 5 years so whatever it was, I shan’t miss at all.

Now I have a spare Tb SATA drive, which is good.

I’m rebuilding my current PC pretty soon. Going to get an i7 system, at least 16g of memory, and I’ll consolidate the 3 drives in the current box (Two of them are ancient IDE drives that still run like a champ but time to move the data anyway). Since I’ll be running Windows 8 Pro (remember, I’m a Microsoft Developer so it behooves me to run the latest and greatest), I’ll be able to run Hyper-V as a service, meaning I can run my web server as a VM. I’ll give it its own core (I’ll have 8). Taking the Tb drive out of the server, I’ll be able to plug it into the new system. 3 Tb disks. Whatever MoBo I get will have RAID, so this might just work out after all!

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