My review of the Colt Delta Elite is now up

When it comes to gun reviews, I’ve started to shy away from them. With the Wrath-Of-Tam hanging over my head, it’s difficult to avoid phrases like “combat acceptable accuracy” and honestly, there are people out there much better suited to understand the important details of a firearm so that people can argue over full length guide rods and whatnot.

However, when I was approached to T&E the Colt Delta Elite, I couldn’t say no and now my write up is finally online.

Let me say that the only reason that firearm did not stay in my safe when the evaluation was complete was because I had just purchased the Kriss and didn’t have the funds. Heck, I was looking at selling the Glock 20 to try to pick it up but it wouldn’t have been enough. I would have trusted that firearm to shoot USPSA Single-Stack in and would have had a blast doing it (pun very much intended).

So, go on over, give it a read. I was rather impressed with my article and have to admit that a drink or two before sitting down at the keyboard helps tremendously.

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