Happy birthday to meeeeeeee

Yup, it’s the big Four Oh for me today. 14,610 days I have spent on this spinning ball of mud and so far, not one of them has been spent listening to “Call Me Maybe”. At this point I’m calling that a win. From now on, every morning where I wake up not looking at the underside of a casket lid is a bonus!

However, you’re not off the hook. I still want a birthday gift from you. Do something nice for a complete stranger. Pay for someone else’s meal. Leave a huge tip. Give the homeless looking hitchhiker with the axe a ride to wherever he needs. It doesn’t even have to cost money, just spend a little of your time today doing something for someone else as my birthday gift.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am now required by law to stand out by my front door and yell at the kids.

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