You know how anti’s tell you to call 911 instead of using a gun?

That’s all fine and dandy until you realize your cordless phone requires electricity

The elderly homeowner told police he fired at the suspect as he tried to enter the home through a window. The homeowner awoke after hearing a pop and realizing his power had been cut off.

Now, my entire phone system relies on electricity. We don’t even have copper to the house, so without power we rely on our cell phones and even then, we need to conserve their usage to emergencies during a power outage. As we’ve moved to more and more cordless phones, power is a key factor in being able to call 911. The anti’s would have you believe 911 is all you’ll ever need, but this septuagenarian realized that even had he been able to call the cops, they weren’t there to save him and took matters into his own hands.

The thief had his birth certificate revoked for his effort.

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