Dear AT&T, please do a swan dive into a vat of molten sulfur

When I bought my HTC One X, the selling point was that I didn’t need to root it because tethering was enabled. That really was the selling point for me. I tried it out at the store, saw I could hook other devices up just fine, bought it and went home happier ‘n a pig in shit. Tethering was really the only main feature I rooted / hacked my previous phone to death over and over 3G, I could remote control computers just fine. 4G was even better (I’m getting 10mbps up and down over 4g).

Then AT&T pushed out updates. Since I hadn’t rooted my phone, I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to lose anything.

Except, apparently… tethering.

AT&T turned it off. They turned off the one thing that I bought the phone for without telling me. And nobody seems to be able to find a way to root 2.20 so I’m now stuck without what I purchased.

Up until this point, I haven’t really had issues with AT&T. I have been grandfathered into the unlimited data, but I’ve noticed I don’t actually use 2G a month anyway, so it’s almost a moot point. Now? Might be looking for another carrier to screw me over come contract renewal time.

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