It’s like Animal Farm with statistics

When it comes to the anti-gun groups, some deaths are more equal than others.

Look at those numbers. The anti’s would have you believe that if we’d just ban guns, humans would live forever, that firearms are the only cause of deaths in the world or something. At least, the amount of effort they put into trying to ban the things makes it seem like that.

They don’t care about suicides or violence or accidental deaths. They’ve shown no concern to those killed with knives or those who have hung themselves with rope. Only if a gun is used do they feign interest and only then if the death can be used to further their agenda.

And if they really cared about preventing accidental deaths, they’d laud programs like Eddie Eagle. Instead, they ban anything effective and beg for more ‘gun free zones’.

That’s what we fight against. Thankfully the bulk of the anti’s are going the way of the dodo, but there are pockets of them that still pose a threat from time to time if we’re not paying attention.

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