When you lose the will to fight barbarians

The barbarians win

Civilization is a lot like the skin of an apple. It can be brilliantly colored, flawlessly smooth, and brightly polished. But it’s very, very thin. It’s fragile. So, it has to be protected.

Barbarism, on the other hand hand, is tough. It doesn’t have to be nurtured. It is, in fact, the natural state of man. It grows spontaneously, and so, like weeds in a beautiful lawn, it must be ruthlessly stamped out. And the only thing that’s ever been effective in stamping it out is a robust and vigilant civilization; one that is not afraid to do the dirty work of crushing the barbarians mercilessly.

Read the whole post. Lots of goodies in there and the uncomfortable truth that unless you’re willing to get down and dirty and do what’s necessary the barbarians will simply walk right in. And this is more than just those who physically want to harm you, it’s the barbarians who want to take your stuff to give to others in the name of fairness that will wreck this society just as badly.

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