Taking order–Sticks of Fire MHI Patches


As I promised back when the Monster Hunter patch contest was announced, I said that if Sticks of Fire made it into Monster Hunter Legion, that I would make physical patches and give one out as a prize. Well, page 198 of MHL means that my patches are to become a reality, and before I place the order for them, I wanted to see if anyone here wants one for themselves.

There will be a contest and one lucky winner will get a copy for him or herself gratis, but if you’d love to guarantee yourself one, I’m taking pre-orders for them. $12 gets you a handmade, embroidered 3.5” Sticks Of Fire patch with an adhesive back (I believe I can get Velcro if you ask nicely), shipping included.

To place your order, simply put $12 in my Tip Jar and make sure you let me know your physical address (feel free to use my contact form if you can’t put the info in the comments from PayPal). Because I’m broke as #&*(@, I can’t front the costs, otherwise I’d just order a bunch of them and sell them at 400% profit. As it is, $12 breaks even.

I will be finalizing the order by this Friday, September 14th, so you have up until Thursday @ midnight to get your order in.

So, who wants a piece of history?

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