A few, minor changes

I killed TinyMCE as it was just sucking for editing comments. I’m looking at a few other possible replacements like markItUp! to make commenting a bit easier to format, but for now, the TinyMCE is gone due to the fact that it killed formatting more than it helped.

Two, for the non-account holders, I’ve put CAPTCHA back in. Spam was getting annoying, so now, just tick the radio button that says you’re human and you’re good to go. We’ll have to see if the spammers get by that or not. If they do, I’ll go back to my “What is 2+2” system as that stopped 99% of them.

I’ve also tried to pare down some of the sizes of the scripts as well as turned on compression on the server. Before these changes, it was nearly 600k per page, which was too much in my opinion, especially for those on a mobile device. I’ve halved that, which is still a bit heavy in my opinion, but most of that is cacheable by your device so one hopes it’s a one time hit. I’ll continue to tune things as I can.

As always, let me know if you’re having any problems or issues.

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