Printing the demise of gun control

We’re not there yet. I don’t believe the home 3D printer arena is mature enough to print a functioning Liberator style pistol. However, that’s only today. Tomorrow brings promises of better systems and designs that can do just that

Defense Distributed is raising funds for the proving and release of the world's first fully-printable .22 handgun. It will be shared with the world for free, effectively ending the gun control debate.

Sadly, it won’t end the debate because the logic against gun control has been solid for decades. You don’t need a 3D printer, you simply need some tubing and a cap from Home Depot and you have a working 12g shotgun. Regardless, these types of things eventually take on lives of their own and before you know it, the anti’s will find themselves being asked by their own ‘supporters’ “Why should we keep doing this if anyone can just hit ‘print’ and have a gun in a short time?”

The sooner, the better.

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