Overpowering the Man. At Least Within a Few Feet.

Still drooling over my iAudio M3L. However I wanted to listen to it in my car so I purchased an FM transmitter from Radio Shack. I was wary of buying it because it only had 8 different frequencies to broadcast on but it was only $30 so I figured what the hell?

And hell I got. Damn thing can’t overpower The Eagle 107.5 when it’s on 107.3MHz nor can it completely drown out Lefty 88.5 (home of NPR and the Screaming Yiddish Songs Hour) when in the lower range, so I’m taking the POS back.

I want a transmitter with a large set of broadcasting balls. Then I want to hack into the frequency modulator and crank the sucker up to 100 watts or so. That way I can broadcast my vast collection of Iranian Love Ballads out to anyone on the same road as me.

Or even better would to be to broadcast on a relatively popular frequency (say 93.3 WFLZ here in Tampa) and make it sound like you’re overhearing some secret government communication.

Voice 1: {static} engaged. Full power {static} transmitted.
Voice 2: Confirmed. Operation Hypno commencing in 30.
Voice 1: Do we have the instructions encoded {static}
Voice 2: Confirmed. Begin insert of commands over radio show. {static}
Voice 1: We have confirmation. Hypnotic commands have been inserted into Coldplay ‘Speed of Sound’ song
Voice 2: Sir, are you sure this isn’t going out unfiltered? I’ve got low readings on the M3 meter.
Voice 1: Shit….{static…..followed by actual radio}

Well, I for one would love to see people’s reactions.

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