Looking for a Place for My Stuff

Sharp as a Marble Institute is a privately funded foundation. This is a fancy way of saying “We’re broke.” SaaM runs out of my house, much to the chagrin of Brighthouse I’m sure, but it’s not like I’m getting a million hits a day. In fact, I’ve yet to get a million hits total.

Because I also use Vonage, I try to minimize my bandwidth usage by offloading a lot of my graphics to PBase.com. For $25 a year, I get 200 megs of storage for my photography. While this has sufficed for the time being, I’d like to move out a bit. Anyone know of a cheap & reliable Internet storage provider? I don’t need gigs and gigs of space, I just want a place I can store audio clips (I’d like to podcast), graphics, and photos. I don’t need any web front end, just an FTP location I can shove stuff into and I’ll link to it from here.

If Verizon ever gets off their ass and puts fiber in my ‘hood, I won’t need it any more, but until then I’m looking for less than a gig of storage with a wee bit of bandwidth behind it, FTP (or WebDAV) and that’s about it.

Personal suggestions?

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