CSS Problems

I’m trying to work on some new skins for Subtext. I’d like to stick with 100% CSS driven styles so that changing the flavor is simple instead of the nightmare it is now with .Text.

However, I’m having a slight problem with certain containers actually containing other elements. Basically the issue is this. I have an outside <div> called container. Inside are two other <div>s called menu and content. The outer container has a background that should repeat under both menu and content. Like so:

This works like it's supposed to

If content comes first in the code then container expands as needed to encapsulate the information. However, if menu is longer vertically than content, then the following happens.

This doesn't work

menu will expand beyond the boundaries of container. As in many of my designs, menu actually utilizes the background of container. When it expands beyond that boundary, it looks hosed. How do I set up the <div id=”container”> so that it expands to envelope all classes within it?

Any CSS gurus out there able to help?

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