Ansible 2.3–Earl

Welcome to Earl.

Big change for my readers is the TinyMCE editor for the comments. It’s a WYSIWYG editor so it is both the way to enter comments and a basic preview of your comment to boot. The bulk of Earl is Administration code and some restructuring of the underlying project with a few minor bug fixes. There are some more Spam prevention things tossed in, one of which is automatic-moderation of comments on posts older than 10 days as that’s where most of my spam was sneaking through.

Earl has been sitting around for a while. I’ve been so #&)@#* busy I’ve not had time to do much with it and I had some other ideas but those will have to wait for the next release, Skippy. I’m going to try to wire in the ability to edit comments within X minutes of posting, but that’s a bit larger effort than I wanted to try to cram into this release. Skippy is probably going to be more back end stuff and then Milo will hopefully contain the editing feature.

Any requests, complaints, or “hey, this used to work but now it doesn’t”s?

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