Economists understand numbers

And even they can look at the numbers behind the arguments for gun control and find them lacking

Additionally, when you do the math about chances of being a victim of firearm murder, the figure 312.8 million is what you need to divide into the 8,775 yielding a terrifying 0.000028% chance of being a victim of a firearm murder in 2010 (if you’re a gambler, though, move to Chicago and you can quickly reduce the odds).

The 24 Hour news cycle has conditioned people to believe that which is said loudest and most often is the truth. In reality, the numbers clearly indicate that these ‘epidemics’ are anything but. If you notice the chart, handguns are the most common tool used to commit homicide (not necessarily murder, mind you – homicide. This can be justifiable, and I assume suicide as well). If you listen to the screeching voices of the anti’s and the TV talking heads, you’d think that “high powered assault weapons” were the culprit, but those numbers don’t add up.

As morbid as it sounds, I’m interested in knowing the average number of shots fired for those handgun homicides. I have a suspicious feeling it’s far less than 10, making any sort of argument for magazine size restriction moot,  but I really would like confirmation (regardless, magazine size has no bearing on any of this, considering again the overall numbers).

We have facts, history, and reality on our side. They have emotionally driven hysteria, misunderstanding, and dick jokes.

That’s part of why we win.

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