Umbilical brick

Phone died a ghastly death today. It had been crashing more and more, failing to ring on phone calls, voice mails would show up days later, and I think the battery contacts are starting to wear out from all the battery removing to get the $#&* thing reset.

This morning, every time I tried to use the phone, for anything, it froze. So, I blew a new ROM onto it (CyanogenMod). Outside of everything being opposite day (it rotated 90° in the wrong direction, and it was muted unless you had headphones plugged in, then the external speaker kicked in!).

Tried to put the default apps back on and….

Bricked. Hard.

So, I did the basic troubleshooting and reverted to a stock ROM using Odin.

Still. Bricked. Hard.

It’s stuck on the boot screen. Doesn’t matter what I do, what ROM I install, I cannot load into anything but the Download mode (the android digging icon) or boot to a frozen screen.

Heimdall? Cannot even see the device any more.

This is me face palming. I am now looking at actually existing without a cell phone. At all. Unless I can figure out how to push a good ROM onto this thing, it’s a brick and I do not have the budget for a new phone. My umbilical cord to the world has been cut. I had a lunch meeting today and had no idea what time it was or if my associate was going to be on time or not.

Withdrawal sucks. But a new phone is out of the question as I’ve not had this one long enough to warrant the discount that makes them affordable, and changing phones would mean switching to 4G and losing my data plan (which, of course, is moot at the point), so life might just start sucking all of a sudden.

Oh well. My fault.

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