Things I Do Not Look Forward To

So FedEx, damn their black hearts, is sitting on my computer parts. I can see they're in the Tampa area, but since 2 Day delivery really means 4 days, they're holding them until tomorrow. Which is probably just as well.

You see, I'm all happy about getting a new computer, especially a 64-bit system since I have the release candidate of XP 64. But what I dread beyond everything else is the sheer volume of crap I have to reinstall. First, the OS. And then there are 100 irritating things I have to fix before I consider that ready. Then software like Firefox and all my extensions, Thunderbird, Photoshop, and worst of all Visual Studio 2003 - a 2 hour nightmare install which I will have to recustomize as well.

Then all my web installations. I have a temporary copy of my blog on my local box so that I can dick around with the code as needed. That'll be fun. Plus I'll have to move all my existing emails and settings from my old drives, plus the cleanup that will need to happen in order to clear out all the crap I no longer need. All my games I've bought and installed will have to be reinstalled, and it's not like I'm really good at keeping the software keys handy.

With a new system, I always seem to think it's a good time to reorganize my 281,994,694 files I have scattered about, but will give up after about 10 directories ensuring things are screwed up for years to come.

I've got to rip my wife's PC apart tonight and try to salvage what I can off of my old C drive so that I can FDISK the sucker and start over clean. I've got limited space on the other 2 drives (about 200 Gigs total) but I can get by for now.

Sorry for the rant. Just irritated at the prospect of doing all this since I won't have much time (daughter-duty on Tues & Wed) plus I have to brew at some point. Then I'll be in Atlanta all next week while my new PC sits patiently for me to get back and play Doom 3 on her again.

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